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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NewPartners, More up and Running, Dj-ing it up, and Travature Man!

So First off we have to say we are really excited about having Flight Network up and running, those Canucks really offer some great deals (check out their flights in and out of Canada).

We also have new low fare partners of Hawaiian Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Fly Globe Span. All great and best of all for our users some of the lowest fares in the industry. We are working hard to get them all in our Meta-Search engine ASAP and the expansion of our tech team has made it possible for us to implement our new partners much quicker than before (Thanks Ben and Ideen)

Next I am currently a 94.9 guest DJ for the ever so great 94.9 FM in San Diego, if you read this blog the second it goes up:

1) Tell the station how great all the songs are, or give me some ranting hate mail.

2) Get a life :) wait i really mean keep using the site and checking out my random Paris Hilton blogs...

Finally our new Head of Marketing Shawn Fore has begun work on our upcomming marketing push, i can only give you a sneak peak (that is him in all of his googely eyed glory) but lets just say it is going to be huge! We will keep you up to date when Travature Man's first video premier is out.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Destination View for Flights

Today we've released a bit of an update to our destination view for flights. If you've never experienced the magic of destination view give it a try. Just put your departure city in our flight search window and leave everything else blank. You'll get a cool list of prices to various places that our flight search engine has found recently. Its a great way to see how much more a trip to a place like Hawaii might cost versus a closer destination like Vegas (well closer to us anyways).

So, anyways enough with the plugging.
Todays updates to the destination view include a cleaner navigation setup as well as a cooler implementation of our Google Map flights/travel guide mashup. Now all you have to do is roll over a marker on the map and you'll see the summary of the corresponding city travel guide. Obviously each of these guide markers are from the flight results in the middle column. Overall its a remakably useful mashup because it helps you visualize a desitination by seeing where your going and how much it's going to cost plus giving you a really easy way to do further research about each place in our travel guides.

If thats not enough, another groovy addition to the destination view is the new ability to filter the results, so you can look at just domestic destinations (if you are low on budget) or international destinations (if you are feeling a bit more exotic). And as cool as that is, it's just a taste of whats to come for the filtering. We're working on some big stuff there, but of course you know the drill...if we told you we'd have to...blah blah blah.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Partnership Updates,and Paris Hilton

The last few weeks have been productive for our company, the introduction of our more user friendly AJAX version and a whole bunch of new partners that we have on board. The newly approved partnerships include: Alaska Air, Horizon Air, One Travel, Airfare Planet, Fare Path, and Flight Network. We are excited to begin our work with all of our new partners so expect to be able to search them from our sight in the near future.

Other major news from the Travature office is that we have taken a vote and 84.76% of us believe it was the right decision for Judge Michael T. Sauer to send Paris Hilton back to jail to finish her sentence. The other 15.24% of the office voted to have her spend life in prison...however this is not the opinion of Travature as a whole and the level headed ones among us believe that this portion of the vote is a backlash to Hilton Hotels no longer providing mints on your pillow.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Little by Little

Well we've been quiet over the last month, but don't just think we've been all travel and no work (that's for you to do). No, No, we've been up to our ears squashing bugs, strategizing and generally preparing for a big 'ole ramp up this summer.

We've got some crazy stuff coming up, but as they say "live in the present", so today we are unleashing a small but cool addition: a new ajax front end for our flight search screen. Of course you don't have to know anything about our friend ajax, just know that he's a pretty cool guy and he's helping to makes things more 'user friendly'. What that means for the flight search screen is we now check on the fly the citys or airports you are typing to make sure you have all your ducks in a row. We'll check to make sure the airports are 'valid' to fly to, let you know if you have a choice between multiple airports in a city, and also have you clarify if there are multiple cities with same name. Of course this type of data handling gobbledygook has always been done, our friend ajax just makes it all seamless, no waiting to start the search, no page reloading, just smooth handling. And we like smooth..
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