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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Destination View for Flights

Today we've released a bit of an update to our destination view for flights. If you've never experienced the magic of destination view give it a try. Just put your departure city in our flight search window and leave everything else blank. You'll get a cool list of prices to various places that our flight search engine has found recently. Its a great way to see how much more a trip to a place like Hawaii might cost versus a closer destination like Vegas (well closer to us anyways).

So, anyways enough with the plugging.
Todays updates to the destination view include a cleaner navigation setup as well as a cooler implementation of our Google Map flights/travel guide mashup. Now all you have to do is roll over a marker on the map and you'll see the summary of the corresponding city travel guide. Obviously each of these guide markers are from the flight results in the middle column. Overall its a remakably useful mashup because it helps you visualize a desitination by seeing where your going and how much it's going to cost plus giving you a really easy way to do further research about each place in our travel guides.

If thats not enough, another groovy addition to the destination view is the new ability to filter the results, so you can look at just domestic destinations (if you are low on budget) or international destinations (if you are feeling a bit more exotic). And as cool as that is, it's just a taste of whats to come for the filtering. We're working on some big stuff there, but of course you know the drill...if we told you we'd have to...blah blah blah.

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