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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NewPartners, More up and Running, Dj-ing it up, and Travature Man!

So First off we have to say we are really excited about having Flight Network up and running, those Canucks really offer some great deals (check out their flights in and out of Canada).

We also have new low fare partners of Hawaiian Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Fly Globe Span. All great and best of all for our users some of the lowest fares in the industry. We are working hard to get them all in our Meta-Search engine ASAP and the expansion of our tech team has made it possible for us to implement our new partners much quicker than before (Thanks Ben and Ideen)

Next I am currently a 94.9 guest DJ for the ever so great 94.9 FM in San Diego, if you read this blog the second it goes up:

1) Tell the station how great all the songs are, or give me some ranting hate mail.

2) Get a life :) wait i really mean keep using the site and checking out my random Paris Hilton blogs...

Finally our new Head of Marketing Shawn Fore has begun work on our upcomming marketing push, i can only give you a sneak peak (that is him in all of his googely eyed glory) but lets just say it is going to be huge! We will keep you up to date when Travature Man's first video premier is out.

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