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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Partnership Updates,and Paris Hilton

The last few weeks have been productive for our company, the introduction of our more user friendly AJAX version and a whole bunch of new partners that we have on board. The newly approved partnerships include: Alaska Air, Horizon Air, One Travel, Airfare Planet, Fare Path, and Flight Network. We are excited to begin our work with all of our new partners so expect to be able to search them from our sight in the near future.

Other major news from the Travature office is that we have taken a vote and 84.76% of us believe it was the right decision for Judge Michael T. Sauer to send Paris Hilton back to jail to finish her sentence. The other 15.24% of the office voted to have her spend life in prison...however this is not the opinion of Travature as a whole and the level headed ones among us believe that this portion of the vote is a backlash to Hilton Hotels no longer providing mints on your pillow.

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