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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Distance Filter for Destination Flight Planning

Filters gone wild! The engineers are at it again, this time they've added a super groovy way to find places to fly based on how far it is from your home base.

Maybe you want to go on a last minute rendezvous for the weekend and you want to go somewhere farther than driving distance but you don't have enough time to fly half way around the world. Well then just go to our simple and trusty destination view (for a reminder that means leaving everything blank in the flight form except your departure city). Once at the destination view just move that handy little slider bar on the left over to the "Outing" section. And like a miracle from the computer gods you'll now see all the recent flights that we found leaving from your departure city and going farther than a few hundred miles from home.

What was that? You say that you've got more time and you want to really put some distance from home. Well its time to go exotic, just turn that slider from "Outing" to "Trek".
And then if you've robbed a bank and literally need to go half way around the world there's always the "journey" or the full on "voyage" option. Anyways you probably get the idea, so head over to the flight section, have fun - see how far you want to go, the worlds a big place!

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