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Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Worlds

You know a new feature is cool, when the whole office stops working on what they are doing for 30 minutes and just plays on the site. Such was the case adding photos to our travel guides.

Basically we show the most interesting photos from that ultra groovy photo sharing site flickr for any travel location. Click on the photos and you'll be taken on a slideshow tour, viewing the top 100 images.

[Begin computer geek talk] Those of us that are tech geeks especially like our photo implementation because we use some pretty hot stuff: a flickr mashup made possible by possible by ajax, and json plus the super groovy lightbox (well actually litebox) js class. If anybody is interested in how this works, we'd be happy to share our experiences. [End computer geek talk].

Discovering new places takes on a whole new feel when you now can see the most dramatic elements representing that place. Using this with our cool I'm Feeling Adventurous feature, is a lot like spinning a globe, putting your finger on it, and getting to feel what its like be in the place you pointed at. Random discoveries of places and images is intriguing and at times provocative and surprising. Those of us in the Travature camp have already found new places to add to our list of must visits, and after going on a few of our photo tours, we think you will too.

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