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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tag It Up

Yes, it seems the whole World Wide Web 2.0 has gone crazy with Tags. Travature of course can't be left out and has joined the tagging band wagon. Of course, besides allowing us to now claim that we do tagging at high-class cocktail parties (ya right, as if we get to go to those), Travature tagging turns out to be amazingly cool, because it really shows how powerful integrating travel information is.

For example you can tag a travel guide (such as Los Angeles) "beach". Now of course, you can now click on that beach tag and see all the other travel guides that are also tagged beach. But wait...thats just the beginning. We really get into a whole new level of coolness when we bring that concept to our flight engine. You see now you can go to our destination view flights page (again a refresher to do that is go to and ONLY put in the city you'd be flying from) and you of course get to our super sweet view that shows all the places you can fly. But, now theres an option box on the left that can filter flights based on tags. Thats right, if you click on a tag (such as beach) you'll now see all of the places (and corresponding prices) to fly that are tagged beach, from the travel guides. This really is a cool way to get some basic level airfare comparisons between vacation destinations that meet your interests. Compare Tropical Islands, Surfing destinations, Mountains to Skii, Places to get Sun, and well,,, basically anything you guys can think of to tag.

(Random Trivia: The cool photo sharing folks at flickr apparently 'came up with' the tag cloud concept).

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