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Thursday, August 30, 2007

African Safaris in Buglandia

Have you ever gone on an African safari, hunting wild and woolly animals that could eat you at any moment? A few of us in this crazy travel company have, a few more want to, and pretty much the entire team got a simulated experience by spending the last two weeks hunting wild Travature bugs (turns out Travature bugs are not very hard to find).

The feedback we've gotten since we've gone beta has been great. Of course along with the good feedback, a kind many have pointed out a bug they've found, here there, and everywhere on the system. Rest assured we've been squashing like no tomorrow. In fact shortly after we went beta, we had our bug count racked up to a whopping 127. At this point, we've brought that down to a more manageable number of 39. The moral of the story is that we've fixed lots of those 'extra special features' some of you have come across, but we still have a few more kinks yet to iron out.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Travature Goes Beta!

Travature has officially entered its live Beta stage! Wooooooohoooooo! The bubbly has been popping over here like its a Friday night in 50 Cent's hot tub, but enough celebrating... We feel that this would be a good time to respond to some of the emails that we have been receiving- the most common question being: how is Travature Beta different from Travature Alpha?

In Technical terms: We have hired onto our team a magical posse of leprechauns, unicorns, and care bears to write some pretty complex and useful code...

In Layman's terms: We have added some cool new features for you to enjoy!
Here is a basic run down of our new features and what they do:

1) MashUps
The Mashup page is our vision personified, containing what we think are the most important tools for trip of all they are all living together in utopian harmony on one happy page. To start, we mashup airfares from our Flight-Search tool, our Travel Guides, a Flickr photos tour, Google Maps, and our Community Restaurant Reviews. But keep checking back because we'll be adding lots of useful travel tools on our Mashup page. And if you have an idea you would like to see on the mash-up please we would love to hear it:

Deal of the Day
This is what you now see when you head to our main page, here you will see an new and amazing travel deal everyday. A member of the Travature staff hand selects this deal from all over the web everyday for your enjoyment and savings. If you run into a problem where the deal is gone (ie: the link doesn't work) or the price has increased that is because you waited too long. These deals are usually limited in quantity so if you are interested we recommend booking them fast.

3) Super Search Our main page has been enhanced not only by the deal of the day but that "ordinary" search bar at the top is really a "super search bar". Ooooooooo ahhhhhhh.... wait what is a super search bar? Well that is a single search bar that drives all of our site's features. For example if you type:

"New York Mashups" then you go the the New York Mashup page.

"Restaurants in San Diego" then you go to our restaurant review page for San Diego.

"Flights from LAX to JFK" and you guessed it you get to see flight prices from LAX to JFK.

4) Restaurant Reviews
This is the section where users can rate their favorite or least favorite restaurants. We have begun this feature with the top 50 traveled to cities in the U.S. but we will be expanding the number of cities we have reviews for constantly. If you want to request your city shoot us an email ( ), we pride ourselves on being responsive to our users.

Outside of that we are continually developing the site (adding new features), adding to our airline partner list, and getting all these cool new features to run smoothly. So be sure to check back soon as more blogs are on their way!

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