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Thursday, August 30, 2007

African Safaris in Buglandia

Have you ever gone on an African safari, hunting wild and woolly animals that could eat you at any moment? A few of us in this crazy travel company have, a few more want to, and pretty much the entire team got a simulated experience by spending the last two weeks hunting wild Travature bugs (turns out Travature bugs are not very hard to find).

The feedback we've gotten since we've gone beta has been great. Of course along with the good feedback, a kind many have pointed out a bug they've found, here there, and everywhere on the system. Rest assured we've been squashing like no tomorrow. In fact shortly after we went beta, we had our bug count racked up to a whopping 127. At this point, we've brought that down to a more manageable number of 39. The moral of the story is that we've fixed lots of those 'extra special features' some of you have come across, but we still have a few more kinks yet to iron out.

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