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Friday, September 28, 2007

More Integration: Retaurants and Photos in Flight Search!

Today we've added yet another layer of integration to our system.
When you search for flights you'll now see some of the top restaurants in the area you're flying to as well as a cool photo stream of the city. Add this with the map and travel guide summary that were already on the flight search page, and your now immersing yourself in the Travature complete travel information experience...

We have no plans on stopping there and are already building some cool new integration tools so be sure to check back often!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Easier Way to Review Restaurants

In another nod to helping make reviewing your favorite (and not so favorite) restaurants easier, we've taken a page out of some of the best review sites and now allow you to easily review any restaurant in the search list by simply hovering over the stars to add your own rating.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Community Restaurant Reviews + Wiki Travel Guides = No b.s. Traveling

We've had a number of people ask why we didn't have a few restaurants listed within our travel guides, like others do. Mum has been the word, but secretly we've always thought listing a few restaurants within a travel guide was kind of silly. We've always thought, if I'm researching a place to visit, I want to know the best restaurants. Moreover, I want to see why they are the best restaurants. I don't want to see a small bullet point list of restaurants. I want to see peoples likes, there dislikes. I want to see ratings, I want to see opinions.

So here it is, starting today we've integrated our community driven restaurant reviews into our open wiki style travel guides. All free to use, and all free of b.s. just travel information so you can make informed decisions about where to visit, and where to eat while you are visiting.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sorry we didnt show yesterday...

We have had a few emails regarding our absence from the world wide web yesterday and we would like to take this time to apologize to all of our loyal users...we make every effort to be as reliable as possible but our whole server infrastructure was taken out yesterday by an over zealous backhoe.This is a picture from the crime scene outside of our server's top secret location, as you can see the backhoe was practically designed for dismantling T1 lines. Anyways we are back in action and apologize for any inconvenience, our T1 line is now guaranteed backhoe proof!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

International Restaurant Reviews Added!

Are you like us and enjoy eating when you travel outside of the United States, or do you just live outside of the United States and enjoy eating in general.

Well if either of the above statements apply to you, you are in luck as we have just added our restaurant section internationally.

Some of the first towns to be populated are Cape Town, South Africa and Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica...but with great users like yourself adding reviews we expect international restaurant reviews to populate quickly so give it a go and add your favorite restaurants domestically and abroad!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

XML Data Dumps of Travel Guides

Today we are really excited to announce that we are offering full access to our Travel Guides in XML format. We think this is a great step to further supporting the Creative Commons "copy-left" mindset of free content available for everyone. Wikipedia has been doing this sort of thing for awhile with their massively cool Encyclopedia, and we are only happy to follow suit.

The data will be available at The file is guides.xml. It will be updated once a week (Sunday nights), so the freshest copy of our data will always be available.

We hope this shows where our mindset is for the travel community. We wholeheartedly believe that the travel content that is built on Travature is not "ours", it's the communities. So naturally we think there's no reason we should restrict access to it. This is counter to the mentality of many other wiki travel guides and much of the travel industry as a whole. But Travature really is about helping travelers, so hopefully this is just another way we can facilitate that.

One thing to note, is that while your welcome to reuse the travel guides however you'd like: academically, commerically, for fun, or whatever, you need to remember that the data is licensed under creative commons share-alike attribution so you HAVE to give credit to the authors if you plan to reuse the content. The xml format is pretty self explanatory. However for authors, there are two elements to look at "authors"(all Travature users who've edited the guide) and "origin" (all authors who had a hand in the guide before Travature). Be sure to include both, in whatever project you have brewing up.

That's all for today, but stay tuned because in the future we may make other data sets available too.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Site Map

Howdy folks, todays blog is to tell you that we added a site map today with over 50,000 now Google should have all of our restaurants and guides indexed within the week. So happy googling to you all!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Hello....San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco

Did you see one of these this weekend?

Yep, thats right, we've begun a little marketing. Our goal is to bring our current Travature userbase from 3 people to a whopping 11 people. And if the 1000s of nifty little tag cards we passed out in San Diego, San Francisco, and Sacramento are any indication, we are well on our way.

Wahoooo, double digit user base, here we come...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

ME ME ME me me me ME ME ME!

Unlike your better halves and significant others we here at Travature are actually mind readers. We know the questions you guys and gals out there in internetlandia have been pondering about for the last year with Travature closely in your heads and hearts... And of course those questions are; who is behind the Travature team? What are they like? Do they have any ridiculous travel stories? And what do weird cartoon like pictures of them look like?

Well ponder no more, all of your questions have been answered on our new "About Us" page which went live today. Feel free to check it out!
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