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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Community Restaurant Reviews + Wiki Travel Guides = No b.s. Traveling

We've had a number of people ask why we didn't have a few restaurants listed within our travel guides, like others do. Mum has been the word, but secretly we've always thought listing a few restaurants within a travel guide was kind of silly. We've always thought, if I'm researching a place to visit, I want to know the best restaurants. Moreover, I want to see why they are the best restaurants. I don't want to see a small bullet point list of restaurants. I want to see peoples likes, there dislikes. I want to see ratings, I want to see opinions.

So here it is, starting today we've integrated our community driven restaurant reviews into our open wiki style travel guides. All free to use, and all free of b.s. just travel information so you can make informed decisions about where to visit, and where to eat while you are visiting.

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