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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

XML Data Dumps of Travel Guides

Today we are really excited to announce that we are offering full access to our Travel Guides in XML format. We think this is a great step to further supporting the Creative Commons "copy-left" mindset of free content available for everyone. Wikipedia has been doing this sort of thing for awhile with their massively cool Encyclopedia, and we are only happy to follow suit.

The data will be available at The file is guides.xml. It will be updated once a week (Sunday nights), so the freshest copy of our data will always be available.

We hope this shows where our mindset is for the travel community. We wholeheartedly believe that the travel content that is built on Travature is not "ours", it's the communities. So naturally we think there's no reason we should restrict access to it. This is counter to the mentality of many other wiki travel guides and much of the travel industry as a whole. But Travature really is about helping travelers, so hopefully this is just another way we can facilitate that.

One thing to note, is that while your welcome to reuse the travel guides however you'd like: academically, commerically, for fun, or whatever, you need to remember that the data is licensed under creative commons share-alike attribution so you HAVE to give credit to the authors if you plan to reuse the content. The xml format is pretty self explanatory. However for authors, there are two elements to look at "authors"(all Travature users who've edited the guide) and "origin" (all authors who had a hand in the guide before Travature). Be sure to include both, in whatever project you have brewing up.

That's all for today, but stay tuned because in the future we may make other data sets available too.

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