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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

San Diego Wild Fire Mashup (Rice Canyon Fire, Witch Fire, Harris Fire)

As an update to our previous blog about the San Diego Fire, since the office is closed, most of us are now at home glued to the news, wondering if we are are going to get evacuated.

Considering the news (and weather is changing rapidly) we found ourselves constantly looking at multiple source on the Internet to get updated about the status of the fire.

So we decided to help ourselves (and hopefully some others as well) by quickly throwing together a mashup of sorts of data that we were checking.

What we've put together is: a Flickr photo stream of the 100 most recent photos of the fire, two of the local blog news feeds that continue to be the most updated (KPBS and Signonsandiego/San Diego Union Tribune) and also the very useful Google Map of the Fire damage + the evacuation centers + the mandatory and suggested evacuation areas in the county (also made by KPBS).

We hope some other people find what we threw together useful, the situation in San Diego county is certainly dire, with nearly a half million people displaced. Any little bit we can help, we will - take care San Diego.

View the Fire Mashup at:

P.S. This was thrown together super quickly so please don't blame us too much on the lack of polish, or if it ends up crashing from so much use...

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