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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Travature National Press

Ok, today was the first day we did a national press release.
It took us an amazing amount of time, writing the stupid thing, because it turns out none of us are very good at creating inflated marketing crap. I suppose thats a good thing for running a company with a consumer mindset, but not so good when you need to do Press Releases. We found a B.S. generator that sounds so true to PR its ridiculous (innovate bleeding edge web readiness), for a good laugh check it out.

Anyways we actually did send it out. We are hoping some big media picks it up.
The original Press Release is here: Prweb (The formatting is pretty cool with an embedded Travature Tour Youtube video)
Its also neat to see us in: Yahoo News

And finally we have a posting about it in Digg. So for anybody reading, please do us a giant favor and vote for us by Digging It

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