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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Travel Deal of the Day - OUT. Super Search Tag Cloud - IN.

A bunch of people have noticed that our main page no longer offers a travel deal of the day. Why did we remove it, when our snarky travel writers were famous far and wide? Well, it turns out, much to our surprise, that the travel deal of the day was confusing people. You see Travature whole mantra is to be the most unbiased travel information source for things like trip planning and travel research. We thought, having our editors hand search travel deals everyday to show people the best one would be a useful thing to see. However a bunch of people thought it was just one big ad. It was definitely not (heck, we usually made fun of the deal), but rather than have people come to our main page and immediately think we are trying to sell them something (which is the exact opposite of what Travature is trying to do), we decided to remove it all together.

In it's place we've put a a tag cloud up of some of the most popular search items in our travel super search. Hopefully it does a better job showing new visitors how cool integrating things like flights and travel guides, and restaurants, etc can be.

For those who miss the travel deal of the day, don't worry, we miss it too. However fear not, we have plans to revive the concept of unbiased travel deals, but in a different way. It will be cooler, more community driven, locally specific, and not on our main page to confuse people. Thats a big undertaking so we will unfold more about that as development occurs in the coming months.

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