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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Travature review on Killer Startup

I'm not really sure how they stumbled onto Travature, but an online news site of sorts that reviews web 2.0 ish startup companies reviewed Travature yesterday. We got basically a favorable review, so it's nice to see even at this early stage that people think our vision of free integrated travel information is headed in the right direction. What also was nice is that the things they found Travature lacking (stronger social community features) are exactly what we are working on right now. So stay tuned for some big changes in the coming month or two related to that.
Also in the spirit of crowdsourcing, ala digg, besides the review that killerstartup gave us, they also allow people to "vote" for us. We'd love to be in the Top 10 startups list, so if you guys could go to: and click on the bluish button on the top left that says "killer", we would most appreciate it!

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