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Monday, December 17, 2007

Search Flights by Activity or Destination Type

One of the things we talk about a lot, is the advantage Travature can offer, because of our vision of integrating 'all things travel'. Since this is a new concept, its sometimes hard for people to visualize what we mean, but today we've rolled out a new feature that really exemplifies the power of merging travel tools.

Today, we've added the ability to search for flights based on a keyword tag, as opposed to just a destination city/airport. We are the first ones to do this in the field of airfare meta-searching and we are excited to share it with you. The main concept here is, although you probably always know where you are leaving from, you may not always specifically care where you are going to as much as what you want to do at your destination (wherever that may be).

A perfect example would be saying you lived in Los Angeles and knew you wanted to go on a golf trip but didn't care exactly just wanted to check your options. Well instead of checking every flight from cities you might want to go, Travature allows you to enter into the destination field ("Going To?") your activity of choice. In this case that would be the word "golfing." Our flight search engine would then check the flights from your departure point to everywhere we have a travel guide labeled "golfing."

This feature works for just about anything imaginable, our keyword tags are generated by Travature users in our travel guide section. Right now there are well over 50 tags and the most popular include; "beaches", "surfing", "golfing", and "spring break."

For more information about our new keyword tag feature check out our press release! Also there are many new features about to be released on Travature this week so stay tuned.

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