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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Did you hear Travature on the Radio?

Thats right our rising voice of San Diego, Chris Hendricks, just got on the radio as the 94.9 DJ for the second time in as many months. Hey played the Clash, Modest Mouse, Lucero, Gas Light Anthem, and Rise Against during his hour from 3pm - 4pm, displaying his uber knowledge of music geekdom, plus of course plugging Travature! He was a big hit, with the 94.9 DJs, and I think they want him as a new DJ. But no guys, you can't have him, he's much too busy being super entrepreneur and law student. But we all love it every time you invite him in, because we get to hear great music, and all of San Diego gets to hear about the goodness of Travature.

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