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Monday, March 31, 2008

LA Networking, Tech Scene Growing in Southern California

So it was a real busy week meeting Angels, VCs, and lots of other tech startups. The week was packed with DigitalLA on Wednesday, Dealmaker LA on Thursday, Community Next Twiistup party on Friday, Community Next Conference on Saturday, and closing out with MashMeet LA 2.0 Saturday night. How the heck are startups supposed to be doing any work, with so much schmoozing going on? I guess it just means more burning the midnight oil to make up for it. Anyways the events were actually really good, and its nice to see the tech startup scene (even if we are on the outskirts down here in San Diego) starting to become more cohesive. Building relationships with investors and other startups right now is a big focus, and last week was very productive in that regard. Anyways, looks like the networking events, in LA/SD, are dying down in the next couple of weeks, so its time for us to plug head strong back into the coding dungeon.

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