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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Find over a half million restaurant reviews and more hotels

Today we greatly increased the number of restaurant reviews we aggregate from all over the world. We added a GIANT amount of new reviews from travelers all over the web, and the total amount has now surpased 500,000 reviews, on nearly 250,000 restaurants. Thats a lot of opinions!

For good measure we also increased our hotel count to over 35,000 and will be making major additions on that front in the near future as well.

With all these new reviews we decided to make a major change in our sorting algorithm, and now show you the most popular restuarants/hotels as the default sort order. We figure, if your traveling somewhere and can only go to a few restaurants while you are in town, you probably first want to check out the places that most people talk about.

So enjoy all that amazing traveler generated content, and don't hesitate to be the one that adds the 500,001st review.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Aloha and ATA Go Bankrupt

As many of you have heard both Aloha and ATA airlines have gone out of business this week filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Both Aloha and ATA were close working partners with us and we offer our condolences to all the employees and customers adversely effected by the bankruptcy.

If you had purchased a ticket on one of these airlines we recommend contacting United and Hawaiian airlines Aloha assistance pages (linked above) as they have setup a standby program to try and help accommodate those who have lost their reservations. We hope all is well and your Hawaiian travels will continue as planned.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mashable reviews Travature

Those oh so cuddly folks over at Mashable, did a review on us. With 5million pageviews and 750,000 readers a month, having them give us a shout out was really great. As an added bonus our site didn't die, which one always has to worry about when huge number of people come check you out all at once. Overall we were really happy that Kristen seemed to "get" Travature.

Check out the review at:

oh and if you are ever so kind, you could digg the article too!
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