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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Upgraded Comparison Engine Adds Hotels and Car Rentals

Some of you may have noticed that our front page has changed dramatically. We have pushed our core trip planning comparison search engine to the front of the stage on the main page, and dramatically improved the engine that runs it all. We have also removed some of the neat things you are used to (travel guides, community and restaurant and hotel reviews) but don't worry, they will be back in full force very soon. You'll also notice a completely unique new community driven travel deal voting system, but I'll leave describing that for tomorrow's post.

So first, lets talk about our shopping comparison engine. We spent a lot of time watching what travelers like you were doing on Travature, and we found one of the very first things new Travature users do is search for flights. So we listened to your feedback, and spent a lot of time working on making our flight search engine top notch. By searching hundreds of websites that offer airfares, we can give you unbiased (yep trust the algorithm) feedback on who the cheapest website is to book your specific flight (remember we don't book your ticket we just help you find the best place to book the ticket). We also though now can tell you a lot more, about the details of that flight including sophisticated filters based on stops, flight times, airlines, and even nearby airports. We also can take in advanced options now such as economy versus 1st class and whether you are traveling with children. All this ads up to a smoother experience, so you can find the website that is offering you the travel plans perfect for you.

Along with the upgraded flight search engine, we have also added the two major pieces that were missing for comparison travel shopping: hotel search and car rental search. Now on Travature you can use our same great search engine that compares hundreds of websites for the best airfare, and now apply that to finding the best rates for hotels and car rentals as well. What also is great is that we integrate it all so by default we search flights, hotels, and car rentals together , so you can get an idea of what the total trip will cost if you book it all online.



I will upgrade, But before I do so I want to get into my basic version In installed on my iPhone.

It no longer recognizes my password when I try o get into the App on my iPhone. I am afraid to just delete tthe App and buy thpgraded version. i.e. Concerned that the password will transfer into the upgraded version and that I won't be able to get into it.

How do I find out what my password is?

Asten said...

Hi.. I came across a link to your site you posted as a reply to someone asking about a problem i have

I have been vainly searching for a site which will let me search for somewhere to go based on origin and date, with no destination. I was hoping this would finally be my answer, but the webpage isn't loading. Are you guys still around?!


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